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Rebekah Wilson

Rebekah Wilson

Client Service Specialist

Rebekah ‘Bekah’ Wilson, who joined our team in 2022, is the Client Service Specialist focused on investment and financial planning support. She is responsible for completing investment paperwork, servicing investment accounts, and financial planning preparation with all the document and data collection that it entails.  “Essentially, I make sure that Brian and April have everything they need to make recommendations to our clients.”

Bekah enjoys the opportunity to learn as she immerses herself deeper into investment and financial planning. Gathering and inputting critical data to be used in the evaluation of a client’s financial situation has been eye-opening. “I had never looked too far into my own future,” she reflects. “It’s wonderful to see how much you can plan today, for your life to be better in the future.” “I’m always surprised to see how little or big changes can potentially make people’s lives better and reduce their worry,” she adds.

Bekah, who has a background in psychology, started her journey in financial services working in banking and customer service. Given she is a military spouse, banking provided her the flexibility to work and still tend to her family. But as her husband’s tour nears its end, Bekah wanted to solidify her own career. “I looked for my next position with intention:  I wanted people I would get along with well and a place where we could grow together. Thankfully, that ended up being here!” What Bekah appreciates most about LaRoche Wealth Management is the connection she feels not only professionally, but also personally. The work itself is interesting, especially the opportunity to learn about people’s motivations to save for the future.

Outside of work, Bekah and her husband keep busy raising two young boys. On weekends a favorite family activity is flying kites on Mt. Trashmore. Bekah is passionate about coffee and is actively involved with her church. Running the church coffee shop on Sundays allows her to feed both of those interests under one roof!