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Assessing Your Progress

We often see people create a financial plan and then put it on the shelf for 5-10 years without reviewing it regularly. When they meet us, they are shocked to find that they are way off course. A financial plan is not a set it and forget it plan. Financial plans must be reviewed and updated on a consistent basis.

Did you know that an airplane en route to Hawaii from the mainland will fly off course 98% of the time due to shifting winds over the ocean? It’s rare that two planes take the same course, yet they still land as planned— because they are guided by trained professionals (people), exacting qualifications, time-tested procedures (process), and resources (products) all working in concert to get them to their ultimate destination.

The same applies to your financial goals. Life events, changing market conditions and other unforeseeable factors may deter you from reaching your goals, but with the right people, process and products, you can successfully get from here to there.

Begin With The End In Mind

There are two distinct phases to reaching your financial goals, these are known as ‘accumulation’ and ‘distribution.’ We believe that accumulation planning should start with the end in mind. Work backwards. You must have a distribution plan in mind when determining where and how much to save. We help you build a plan so whether the stock market goes down or whether taxes are going up, you know the right bucket to spend from.

As you begin to fund your goals, you are actively participating in what we call the “accumulation phase.” Typically these are your income-earning years, where you can commit to set aside a certain portion of your earnings toward the future you envision. Working with a qualified financial planning professional can help you determine how much to save, where, and for how long.

Once you reach your goals, or you find a need to tap into your funds, you find yourself in the “distribution phase.” Frequently clients will inadvertently draw on resources without fully understanding the implications of their decisions. We advise our clients on the most efficient strategies for withdrawing funds they have so painstakingly accumulated.

Over the course of our work together we will meet with you regularly to adjust your plan as needed to keep you on course for a safe landing.

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