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Chelsey Cass

Chelsey Cass

Director of Client Services and Operations

At LaRoche Wealth Management, Chelsey Cass oversees all of the logistics and communication associated with investment-related matters, including servicing of existing accounts.

Chelsey had worked in the financial industry for several years before joining our firm. She had just settled in with us, when she discovered that her husband was being reassigned to a military base in San Diego. In the midst of their cross-country move, she received a call from Brian LaRoche asking if she might be interested in staying with the team and working remotely. The answer was a resounding “Yes!”

Chelsey is grateful for the culture at LaRoche Wealth Management, which allows for honesty so that the firm can have maximum positive impact on clients’ lives.  “I think the greatest thing about Brian and April is how genuine they are,” she says. “They treat their clients like friends, but they’re candid about what’s best for the client– they never shy away from saying it like it is.” Chelsey finds this clarity very appealing.

Working in financial services has turned out to be a perfect path for Chelsey, who earned her Bachelor’s degree in psychology with the intention of becoming a therapist, but decided to put graduate school on hold. Chelsey believes that five years of experience in psychology have taught her to really listen to people, to relate to them, and to help them feel comfortable.

“The thing that I love most about my work is getting to know people on an intimate level,” she says. “When you're discussing your finances and your vision for life, you really have to trust that person,” she adds. Chelsey enjoys building relationships with clients. She cherishes the opportunity to learn what's important to them, so that she can play her role as part of a team that helps individuals and families pursue financial freedom.

Chelsey is a graduate of the West Chester University of Pennsylvania. In her free time, she loves to spend time with her husband and daughter, read, do yoga, and attend football games at the United States Naval Academy.